Tanks and Oil Skimmers: What to Remember

Oil Skimmer in action

Oil Skimmer in action

Oil skimmers play a direct role in the functional operation of facilities that need to treat their water before releasing them, according to environmental and safety guidelines. This is the reason why any manager that knows that one is needed for their organisation must make sure that the proper skimmer is chosen, so that the investment is well-justified, and so that the facility can meet its needs and requirements – both for their clients, and in the eyes of the law. Additionally, the right choice of skimmer is going to make good on your investment, and provide a better bottom line for your finances.

What many facilities fail to realise, though, is that choosing their skimmers should take their exising tank into account. This is because the size, design, and location of the tank directly affects the functionality of the skimmer. Consider these reminders.


Ensure proper sizing

Oil and water that need to be separated by skimmers require a tank that is large enough to handle their volume. Additionally, it should be able to handle the period that it takes for the oil skimmer to handle the oil/water separation.


Choose tanks of regular designs if possible

If you have yet to choose a tank for the skimmer, choose regularly-shaped ones if that is possible. Tanks with no nooks or crannies where the oil may get stuck are best. But if you already have a tank in your facility and it has an irregular shape, make sure that the skimmer is placed at the area where the largest amount of oil accumulates.


Implement proper positioning and installation

Finally, make sure that the tank is positioned strategically, where it can work best with the skimmer. Choose a place where the skimmed oil does not have to travel a long way to get to the receiving container. Additionally, make sure that there is enough mounting space to facilitate speedy operations.


If you are unsure about any part of the process of vetting your tank to work well with your skimmer, get help from a manufacturer. This will grant you the personalised guidance that is needed for the proper selection and preparation of your equipment so that your facility can run well.


Additionally, if you will require other accessories such as spill kits or gas bottle cages, ask a manufacturer for recommendations in incorporating them into your existing suite of products. This is helpful in ensuring safety and functionality in your operations.