Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets

If you use flammable liquids then you will o doubt be aware of the very real dangers they pose. It can be so easy for one careless mistake to ignite them and then you have a real problem on your hands. Flammable liquids are very volatile substances and, for this reason, it is absolutely vital that you should store them safely, for the protection of all.

Safe Storage

As flammable liquids pose a real and present danger to the health and well being of the public, both the fire service and the government have studied the materials and looked at the best ways of ensuring risk is minimised. They both reached the same conclusion: that all flammable liquids should be carefully stored in flammable storage cabinets.

What Are Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets are a special kind of storage container which are specially designed in order to protect from the dangers of flammable chemicals. They are generally made from thick, welded steel which has been specially selected and which prevents vapours from chemicals spilling out into the air, should there be a leak. This is very important as flammable chemicals can be very toxic and could cause a real problem if inhaled, not to mention what would happen if someone was to light a spark. The cabinets also protect the chemicals inside from any fire which may be started externally, thus avoiding making a bad situation into a catastrophic one.

How Do Flammable Storage Cabinets Work?

The cabinets are made from strong, fire retardant materials which will ensure that, should a fire occur; no flammable materials will be cause to combust. They also protect against leaks. The way they do this is by including a tight lip and tray in the bottom of the cabinet. This tray will catch any leaked fluids, whilst the lip will ensure the material cannot escape its protective confines. An internal barrier around the door adds an extra level of protection. Cabinets are also fitted with a secure lock, so the liquids cannot come into the wrong hands easily and most are painted brightly, so they are highly visible at all times.