The clever methods of oil skimming

oil skimmers

Oil skimmers are equipment’s that are used to remove oil floating on the surface of a liquid. The liquid can be water or any other liquid. The equipment’s are made with materials that will allow oil to stick and water to flow out. Oil skimmers are the required way to separate oil from any liquid, but in some case, they may be used to treat the fluid.

In this case, oil is removed before other expensive methods are indulged. There are several types of oil skimmers but they all depend on the force of gravity and surface tension to function well. The six main types that you can use are, floating suctions, belt, disk, drum or barrel style, mop, and large tube or mini tube.

Belt skimmers utilize a belt of stainless steel; the belt is normal dipped in the fluid that you need to clean and then you are to pass it through special wipers blades that will remove oil from both sides as it passes. Disk oil skimmers use rotating disks that wipe the oil from the fluid and oil collects in a special container. This choice of skimming is not good for shallow fluids as you will have to immerse all the rotating disks.


Drums are more like the disk version, but in this case you use rotating drum rather than disks. They are also more capable and durable of removing water than all the other methods.However; they are not to be used in liquids that are fluctuating.

The mop oil skimmers use a special rope to pick up oil, you normally dip the rope in the fluid and it removes oil and water. The ropes are wrung out using pinch rollers as they head to the drive unit. At the end you will have oil separated from water.

Large tubes on the other hand use plastic hose, which will run over the surface of water and collect oil. This method can only be used in places that have large surface area, if you are working on a small surface area, you can use smaller tubes and they will work effectively. For thick oil, you can use floating suctions.