Chemical Storage Cabinets: What to Look For

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets are critical to the safety of facilities that work with combustible, corrosive, or dangerous liquids. This makes them not only a must-have in any workplace, but also a legal requirement that needs to be met to be able to continue operations.

So if you’re just about to get one for your facility, there are certain things that you should look for when selecting these cabinets to make sure that they help improve efficiency and safety in your workplace while also keeping in line with technical specifications mandated by the government.

Professional-Grade Durable Materials

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets are typically available in stainless steel or polyethylene, and these have minute differences. All the same, you should make sure that the material that you end up picking for your cabinets is of a professional grade, and designed to stand the test of time.

Additionally, check if the cabinets come with additional material features that can help preserve its functionality for a long time. For instance, some cabinets come with corrosion-resistant coatings that aim to protect the accessory from rusting.


Sufficient Storage Capacity

Another thing that you should be aware of when choosing cabinets for chemical storage is their storage capacity. These equipment can range from four to ninety gallons, and the right one for your needs depends on your careful understanding of the amount of chemicals that you will need to safely handle and store.


Proper Product Categorisation

Finally, there are different categories of cabinets for chemical storage, and they differ according to the type of liquid or good that they should store. For instance, what works best for combustible liquids is not what is ideal for corrosive chemicals. And as in the case of figuring out storage capacities, choosing the right class of cabinet should be guided by your complete knowledge of the types of chemicals that you have in your workplace.


A Trusted Supplier

Last but not least is vetting the reputation of the resource that you’re using for your cabinets. If you will need other protective accessories such as spill kits or other types of cabinets like dangerous goods cabinets, finding a good supplier is even more important. When choosing, check to make sure that the quality of their offered products is of a high level, meeting industrial regulations and contributing to the enhanced safety of workplaces in your area. Additionally, they should be able to provide comprehensive product warranty to secure your investment throughout the life spans of the products.