Chemical Storage Cabinets – Keeping Your Chemicals Safe and Preventing Fires and Liability Issues

chemical storage cabinets

Do you have a lot of chemicals at your facility? If the answer is yes, you need to take special precautions. You also need to meet special requirements imposed by OSHA and NFPA specifications. Read on to find out how chemical storage cabinets can help.

Why you need chemical storage cabinets

Of course, the chemicals already come in their containers. But that’s not nearly safe enough. Chemicals can pose a threat to your employees, and they can also be a huge fire hazard.

In fact, you probably know that the vast majority of industrial fires are caused by the improper storage of chemicals. So don’t take that chance. It’s not that hard to fix. But what it takes is a proper chemical storage cabinet.

There’s another reason: security. Not only will proper cabinets prevent theft, but you’re also less likely to get caught up in liability issues that could arise if an unauthorized person gains access to your chemicals and handles them incorrectly, especially if someone gets hurt as a consequence of that action.

Shopping for chemical storage cabinets

So what should you look for to make sure your new cabinet is a sound investment and won’t need to be replaced as soon as some OSHA or NFPA inspector comes looking.

The easiest way to make sure it’s the right kind of cabinet is to shop with a reputable vendor who specializes in industrial safety equipment. They will be able to help you choose the right cabinet for your situation. And you can be assured that all their offerings meet OSHA and NFPA quality standards.

Some of the criteria you should insist on

First of all, you should look for quality construction. Most safety storage cabinets are made out of high-quality steel. However, some of the more corrosive chemicals need to be stored in high-density Poly cabinets. That’s because they would eat right through the steel, and where would that leave you? In a jam!

Also, look for the usual double-walled doors as well as sides, tops, and bottoms. Leak-proof seals are essential, as are 3-point door locks and vents with fire baffle, among other things.

Some cabinets have legs, which is great if you have moisture on the floor or if they have to be placed over vents or outlets. Another plus is that those cabinets can be easily moved — with a forklift!

Of course, once you have a chemical storage cabinet, the most important part is actual to use it.

If you work with chemicals, for production purposes or other reasons, you can’t get around having them in your facility. But you CAN make sure to store them safely.

And that alone makes a huge difference in helping you keep your company out of trouble, and your employees and equipment safe.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to store your chemicals safely. All it takes is an appropriate safety storage cabinet — or several — to provide the kind of barrier that will prevent the chemicals from escaping and putting your employees in harm’s way.

The trick, though, is to get the right kind of safety storage cabinet for your needs. Not any old storage cabinet will do. That’s because different chemicals require various types of storage. And there are some chemicals that cannot be safely stored together because they would cause great danger if they were to come in contact with each other. This means that if the chemicals you need to keep around include those types of chemicals, you’ll need to buy two cabinets at a minimum.