Chemical Storage Cabinet

chemical storage cabinet

Why you need chemical storage cabinets
Of course the chemicals already come in their own containers. But that’s not nearly safe enough. Chemicals can pose a threat to your employees, and they can also be a huge fire hazard.

In fact, you probably know that the vast majority of industrial fires are caused by the improper storage of chemicals. So don’t take that chance. It’s not that hard to fix. But what it takes is a proper chemical storage cabinet.

There’s another reason: security. Not only will proper cabinets prevent theft, but you’re also less likely to get caught up in liability issues that could arise if an unauthorized person gains access to your chemicals and handles them incorrectly, especially if someone gets hurt as a consequence of that action.

Selecting the right chemical storage cabinet.
Here are different ones that you can choose from:
1) Cabinets for flammable liquid storage
These are painted in safety colors so that individuals know something harmful is inside.

2) Paint and ink safety cabinets
These are perfect for keeping paint and ink from being spilled and ruining floors. They also keep them from emitting dangerous fumes.

3) Acid and corrosive cabinets
Get those to store acids and other corrosives. These cabinets are specifically made to be resistant to corrosion, which makes them ideal for storing such chemicals.

4) Drum safety cabinets
These allow you to store drums, including drums filled with chemicals that have been cleaned up after a spill.

5) Pesticide safety cabinets
You’ll need to consider the size of the cabinet or cabinets you’ll need. They can range from 2 gallons all the way to 120 gallons. Which size you should get will depend on the amount of chemicals you need to store and also how many different kinds you have. Some of them can be stored together, but there are also some chemicals that must be stored separately.

Among those that require separate storage are of course corrosives and pesticides, for which you’ll need a poly chemical storage cabinet.