Drilling Rigs Australia

If you are into drilling, you know that there are many different types of drilling rigs used in the industry, depending on the specific needs of a drilling project. Drilling rigs Australia are no different. Here are the most common types of drill rigs on the market today:


Land Based Drilling Rigs

The most common type of drill rig used for exploration is the land-based drilling rig. Land-based drilling rigs are now smaller and more efficient than the rigs used in the past years. You’ll find land-based drilling rigs that are small, mobile, and very easy to move around, while others are gigantic and stationary.


Slim Hole Drilling Rig

While traditional drill bore is about 18 inches in diameter, a slim-hole bore can be as little as 6 inches only in diameter. The size of the drill site of slim-hole drilling rigs can be 75 percent smaller than a typically drill site. Thus, this type of drill rig requires less space than traditional drill rigs. However, this type of drilling equipment is not applicable in all environments.


Coiled Tubing Drill Rig

The coiled tubing drill rig can replace the typical drill string used in traditional drilling. Coiled tubing technology has a pipe with a continuous length, which is stored on a large spool. This technology reduces drilling waste and minimizes equipment footprints. Thus, you’ll find them usually used in environmentally sensitive areas.


Jack-up Drill Rigs

The jack-up drill rigs are typically used in relatively shallow water for off-shore drilling, with depths of approximately less than 300 feet. A jack-up drilling rig is a floating barge that houses the drilling structure. It has long support legs you can raise or lower onto the seafloor. These drill rigs are extremely strong, which are able withstand ocean storms and huge waves. Since the legs can be moved up and down easily, these drilling rigs are cost-effective and can be easily moved out during storms.

Semi-Submersible Drill Rigs

These type of drilling rigs are floating vessels that are supported on large structures, which are submerged below the surface of the sea. Semi-submersible are offshore drill rigs that has an advantageous design, submerging most of its components. This minimizes the load from waves and wind. Semi-submersibles can be used for different depths of water, even very deep ones. You can have these drilling rigs attached to the ocean floor with the use of strong chains and wire cables. Semi-submersibles also has dynamic positioning technology that enables the equipment to remain steady and immobile during drilling operations without the need for anchors.


Drill Ship

Drill ships are also popularly used for exploration targets that are farther offshore. These rigs are specifically designed to be mounted on ships, which can drill a well in water depths of up to 10,000 feet deep. These rigs float just like a ship and can be attached to the bottom of the ocean using traditional anchoring systems. Similar to the semi-submersibles, you may also utilize its dynamic positioning technology so it remains stationary while drilling without using traditional anchors.

Finding the Best Drill Rigs Pty Ltd Equipment in Australia Today

There are different types of drilling across the world. But in Australia, finding the best drill rigs Pty Ltd can be quite of a challenge. Although the concept can be universal- to drill a whole, what you might be looking for can vary. This means that if you are in the search for drilling equipment, you need to focus on the kind that you specifically need.

Knowing the Different Drill Rig Types

The majority of people knows the kind of massive rigs that can drill deep down to look for natural gas or oil either in the sea or on land. These types have massive screws and uses different methods to extract resources from deep down the ground of the earth.

If you are looking for this type of drill, you will be looking in the market where you can find both new and used large equipment. This is also the kind that large companies often purchase.

There are also private dealers that are looking for a wider variety of things. While private citizens and small businesses who are in search for drilling rig equipment such as the ones for seismic drilling might be after of something smaller and portable. These types can also be found through private sellers and dealers on the internet.

More Types to Choose From

Aside from oil or natural gas, there are other resources available in Australia when it comes to Australian  drill rigs. There is a kind of drilling rig equipment that mainly focuses on exploring different minerals sold on the commercial market. At the same time, you can find environmental investigations drilling. There are also drills that can create a well to be used as a source of water.

Just as there can be varied reasons why people or companies would purchase a drilling equipment, there are also different types available to choose from. They can be in the form of the following.

  • Air tool and auger drill
  • Diamond core and hydraulic rotary drills
  • Reverse circulation drills
  • Percussion rotary air blast
  • Sonic drills, etc.

Considering what you are exactly looking for as well as your intention why you need to invest on one, you need to consider various kinds of equipment. But the good thing is that, you can find just about any type of drilling equipment whether directly from stores or on the web. Finding them will come easy and simple nowadays.

Many people find useful resources online such as from drilltechniques.com.au on the right kind of equipment or type of drill should be purchased. At the same time, there are many dealers that can offer this equipment and depending on your budget, you can purchase a new or used one.

When to Look for A Drilling Rig for Sale in Australia

Every drilling facility operator eventually comes to a point where he needs to think about poring through options for a drilling rig for sale in Australia or in other areas. Navigating this point is especially critical for facilities that will be buying such an equipment for the first time. If you need pointers on how you can successfully manage that, these markers are among the most telling signs that yes, it is a good time to invest in a rig.


When you need to meet higher productivity needs.

If your client base has expanded, if you’re dealing with more projects than you ever have, or if your facility is entering a new market in addition to current ones, a new rig will have to be added. When choosing, it is important that you use your specific needs as a foundation for the model that you select. Rigs differ according to the specific type of drilling that they will be used for, the intensity of that drilling, the delivery needs off that drilling, and other important factors.


When you’re widening your drilling scope

If you’re venturing into an altogether different type of drilling work, finding and choosing a specific type of drilling rig for sale in Australia or in other areas is necessary. Naturally, the type of rig that you opt for should have to match the kind of drilling that you plan to undertake. Underground rigs are different from those that you can work with, above ground. Diamond drill rigs, in addition, are best for underground drilling work that requires specialised results and follows stringent processes.

For facilities that have had previous models of rigs in their workspaces, a good time to get a new one is when running or maintaining the old one is no longer viable for the company. There are models that, over time, require more maintenance as their functionality and operability decrease. Similarly, there are models that need to be upgraded to a new one, as their components degrade. When this has happened, it may be more economical for your facility to invest in a new equipment than keep on shouldering the hefty costs of a machine that does not deliver as good a quality of results as it used to.

Just make sure that you choose your rig from a reputable resource. If you’re getting it from a supplier, they must be authorised by the manufacturer, can offer comprehensive product support and warranty, and will guide you through the selection process.