Benefits of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Water Jet Cutting

Benefits of Aluminum and Stainless Steel  Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting can’t be qualified as a new technology because it has been around since the 1950s and Dr. Norman Franz was the first person to use it. He is a forestry engineer in dire search for a better way in which he can cut through lumber he was obtaining from large trees.

From that moment on, the technology was upgraded every now and then. Year after year, the upgrades were made dramatic and substantial improvements were implemented to what we have today. Years of perfecting this cutting method eventually made it one of the most indispensable cutting tools for nearly any flat object, and aluminum and steel are no exception to this.

A waterjet cutting machine, from the name itself, makes use of water to clean or cut through materials. The cutting device itself is attached to a high-pressure water pump. It will forcefully eject the water through the nozzle, and this stream or jet of water, solid and strong, will cut through any object. For as long as the speed (water pressure) and the spray of water are consistent all-throughout, it will be invincible in terms of cutting/piercing through any material.

There are instances that water is mixed with abrasive substances to further intensify the machine’s cutting/piercing strength. Aside from which, the added abrasives will hasten up the whole process, paving way for a much shorter time in cutting a material.

The Power of Water Jet Cutting

To some people, it is unthinkable that water can cut through an object and be really powerful at that. A waterjet cutting tool can cut through 10 inches of a plate of aluminum and eight-inches of stainless steel plate.  

Absolutely No Heat

If you are bound to work on a fabrication project that involves the use of materials sensitive to high temperatures, the use of waterjet is the choice of method for many pros.  The heat-affected zone or HAZ, which is a common complained issue when using traditional metal cutters, is actually a thing of the past when you utilize instead waterjet technology. The absence of heat in waterjet technology allows for the cutting of metal without the risk of having its surface altered or damaged.


One of the key selling points of waterjet devices is their speed and high level of efficiency. There are a number of reasons, as indicated below:

  1. Short setup times.
  2. Faster cutting process
  3. Eliminates the need to redo a job due to the high level of precision of waterjet devices.  

Safe to the Environment

The waterjet technology is pro-environment. It does not produce hazardous wastes that can put nature and the environment in harm’s way. Second, it eliminates the creation of unnecessary waste from reusable scraps which is a common issue in using traditional cutting methods.  

A waterjet usually requires a measly amount of water to operate. On average, it ½ to a gallon of water used every minute. Of course, this amount is directly dependent upon the size of the cutting head orifice.

Aside from which, the water used by the cutting machine can be recycled by virtue of closed-looped system. The “wastewater” the device generates is usually very clean, so clean that you directly dispense them through your drain or have it filtered first prior to disposing of.