Machinery Maintenance and Repair to Extend Equipment Life

Heavy machines especially those used in mining as well as industrial or farming equipment need machinery maintenance. Constant upkeep is very important to make sure that they are in their best working order. On the other hand, failure to do so can lead to problems. Poorly maintained machines and equipment runs inefficiently. When this happens, there’s the demand to pay for costly breakdown expenses. In addition to this, safety is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Machines that are not in their 100% efficiency can cause accidents in the site.

Tips on how to Properly Implement Machinery Maintenance and Repair

Implement Maintenance and Operator Training Especially for Large Machines

The majority of large machinery types have multiple operators. One of the ongoing operations in any checklist is overseeing the correct operation of the machine. They need to be inspected that moment they are purchased. Operator training is often done at that point and this should be kept up.

Add and Test Lubricants Regularly

Lubricants are needed to reduce friction in any moving part. A regular lubrication maintenance is necessary in order to extend the life of large machines and equipment, as well as their parts. In addition, lubrication is also one of the most important aspect of maintenance checks. Be sure to look for signs of excess oil or any grease build-up on the pistons.

Check for Signs of Wear

High temperature, vibration, friction, shock, and age are factors that contribute to the breakdown of any machine part. Therefore, in case you discover any sign of wear and tear on any moving part within your machine or equipment, be sure to immediately perform the necessary replacement of any worn part.

Keep Machines Clean and Maintain a Clean Environment

Seals and filters are placed on heavy machines to keep the working parts clean and prevent any form of contamination. Seals need to be regularly inspected to make sure they are in perfect condition. On the other hand, filters should be inspected and changed on a regular basis. Moreover, breathers should always be clean to avoid vacuum in the cab which sucks contaminants to the cab.

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Have a Maintenance and Repair Schedule and Keep Records

Tires, fluids, tracks, and electrical systems are some of the components that should be regularly checked for preventive maintenance. It’s important to know what should be inspected and when it should be done. Doing so will avoid unnecessary problems from occurring. You should also not fail to keep a record of everything that took place, regardless if it’s a minor or major detail.

These five tips are highly recommended when you are doing machine maintenance. With these, you’d be able to extend the life of your machines and equipment, while improving the return on investment for such important purchases.


Finding the Best Drill Rigs Pty Ltd Equipment in Australia Today

There are different types of drilling across the world. But in Australia, finding the best drill rigs Pty Ltd can be quite of a challenge. Although the concept can be universal- to drill a whole, what you might be looking for can vary. This means that if you are in the search for drilling equipment, you need to focus on the kind that you specifically need.

Knowing the Different Drill Rig Types

The majority of people knows the kind of massive rigs that can drill deep down to look for natural gas or oil either in the sea or on land. These types have massive screws and uses different methods to extract resources from deep down the ground of the earth.

If you are looking for this type of drill, you will be looking in the market where you can find both new and used large equipment. This is also the kind that large companies often purchase.

There are also private dealers that are looking for a wider variety of things. While private citizens and small businesses who are in search for drilling rig equipment such as the ones for seismic drilling might be after of something smaller and portable. These types can also be found through private sellers and dealers on the internet.

More Types to Choose From

Aside from oil or natural gas, there are other resources available in Australia when it comes to Australian  drill rigs. There is a kind of drilling rig equipment that mainly focuses on exploring different minerals sold on the commercial market. At the same time, you can find environmental investigations drilling. There are also drills that can create a well to be used as a source of water.

Just as there can be varied reasons why people or companies would purchase a drilling equipment, there are also different types available to choose from. They can be in the form of the following.

  • Air tool and auger drill
  • Diamond core and hydraulic rotary drills
  • Reverse circulation drills
  • Percussion rotary air blast
  • Sonic drills, etc.

Considering what you are exactly looking for as well as your intention why you need to invest on one, you need to consider various kinds of equipment. But the good thing is that, you can find just about any type of drilling equipment whether directly from stores or on the web. Finding them will come easy and simple nowadays.

Many people find useful resources online such as from on the right kind of equipment or type of drill should be purchased. At the same time, there are many dealers that can offer this equipment and depending on your budget, you can purchase a new or used one.